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- Newyork Event -

AUGUST 28TH, 2018
5:30 PM - 10:15 PM

Just ahead of Labor Day, we look forward to capping the joys and festive travails of summer with a truly enticing festival of business stimulus, dramatic excitement, as well as vinous and gastronomic derring do!

A Comic Kick-Off

Three wonderful improvisational comic artists are joining us to whet our appetites for the occasion. This trio, all marvelous actors, comedians and storytellers will be weaving raucous tales over 30 rollicking minutes, festive, fun, suitably irreverent and touching on themes of cuisine and wine. A comic version of The Decameronfor our time?! This continues our pre-game summer tradition, building on New Camerata Opera and David and Catherine Chan before them.

The Talk: Outgrowing Your Plateaus: Leveraging Maturity

Serial entrepreneur, prolific author, eminent speaker Alan Weiss will be once more with us, presenting the ideas in his recent book, Threescore and More. It is dedicated to anyone who has reached 50…or hopes to!

And while it is in part an attack on ageism, it is really also an exploration on the value of aging well and wisely! Too much of our economy is pitched at people too young to understand and not yet economically independent enough to parlay their energy. The discretionary influence available to those who are gaining in maturity, economic independence and personal freedom in everything from business and politics is considerable.

Alan will challenge us to bypass our plateaus, current ones, or likely upcoming ones by reinvigorating our capabilities, capacities, aspirations and drive. 

Some questions we might ask ourselves:

*When did I last learn a new game or acquire a new skill?

*How often do I evidently express creativity or innovation in any form?

*When did I last develop a new, rewarding, continuing friendship?

*Am I producing ideas others are embracing to improve their work or their lives?

*Am I involved in the arts as a participant, observer, and/or patron?

*To what extent am I engaged in political or social causes beyond merely reading about them?

*How often do people seek me out as an object of interest or an expert in any field?

And by using such provocations as linchpins for re-invention, we can keep ourselves relevant, vital, flourishing and map out a fresh chapter of meaningful success whether we are 35, 55, 75, or otherwise!

Our Speaker: Alan Weiss

Alan Weiss has spoken for us twice before, and his bio rampages over many pages and numerous accomplishments. He is the author of over 50 original works appearing in 14 languages, has written more books on consulting than anyone in history, and has coached and guided more entrepreneurial consultants to success arguably than anyone in history. He is a sought after global thought leader. He has also advised and guided many Fortune 500 and 100 companies in terms of organizational effectiveness in many corners of the globe. He is the only non-journalist to ever receive The Lifetime Achievement Award of The American Press Institute.

Alan looks forward to sharing with us why retirement should become an ancient artifact, and why we have to continually reinvent and replenish our lives by trying new ventures, one of which is not joining the AARP. 

Paraphrasing an observation by Alan: “Good wine intensifies with age, so should we.”

The Tasting: The Crème de la Crème of Chardonnay

Our presenter Jeff Taylor will take us on a tour, supported by “wine whisperer” Arnaud Tronche (owner of Racines, our venue) through the world of the world’s best Chardonnays. Using Burgundy as our benchmark, we will experience some of the world’s most exciting expressions of this landmark grape, each brilliantly showing a “sense of place” and conveying distinctively memorable quality. 

Jeff began his NYC tenure at Gramercy Tavern, was part of the opening team at Masa at Time Warner, had a 7-year stint at Eleven Madison Park becoming Head Sommelier there. He was Wine Director at Betony, Chevalier at The Baccarat Hotel, and most recently Danny Meyer’s North End Grill. Moving now to retail, with former EMP colleague, Master Sommelier Dustin Wilson, he helps lead the team at Verve as General Manager. 

Under Jeff’s guidance, we will range from Australia to New Zealand, from South Africa to Oregon, from Italy to Burgundy, locating and reveling in true vinous luminaries.

Over dinner, we will leave Chardonnay and head to the The Seductions of Syrah, and let Syrah from across a variety of regions, arouse and pamper our palates with the marvelous cuisine that is being prepared for us.

The Dinner: Racines NY

Owner Arnaud Tronche is now flanked by Pascaline Lepeltier as a partner in the enterprise, giving us surely a true “dream team” on the wine front. Chef Paul Liebrandt (formerly of highly lauded restaurants Corton and Elm) is in “residency” through early September at Racines, and will be creating a stirring, distinctive menu for us, to marry with the sizzle and seduction of the Syrahs we will be pouring.

Members, bring guests for this guest event please!

This is a guest event, and we welcome your nominees, partners, pals, and fellow enthusiasts.

Please note: Due to the very special comic prelude, we will begin punctually at 5:30 and conclude by 10:15 as usual.