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- Newyork Event -

JUNE 7TH, 2018
6:15 PM - 10:15 PM

Our speaker, Alice Feiring has become a true “brand,” an unrepentant, proud exponent of natural wines, and certainly not in any faddish sense. She pre-dates the “fad” and actually gave voice and meaning and texture to the philosophy itself. 

Alice will share how she segued from dance therapy to writing fiction, to tasting, to emerging with a sense of outrage at the manipulations that afflicted so called “modern” wine-making. 

We’ll hear how she invented her brand and career, but how she also found vinous exemplars to champion, and synergy with a larger movement that extended well beyond wine that was starting to celebrate the artisanal, the authentic, devotion to the land and craft, rather than the factory or the lab. 

We’ll hear from Alice about the chauvinism in the wine writing world, and how she has ignored it in part, transcended it in others. We’ll hear how she has made such a remarkable impact without a larger, conventional platform. And she will help us understand that her zeal is not so much about the “natural” per se, but what produces wonderful wine.

She will touch on religion and wine, as she’s experienced it in Georgia and elsewhere, and she will touch on some of her own questing -- the greater importance of asking questions than being addicted to answers. 

We’ll also touch on the question of where “natural wine” sometimes goes awry. What are the misunderstandings here? How does it avoid its own dogmatism or zealotry? 

Equally, where might “Dirty Wine” help nudge the wine world towards, and does the world of wine seem to be inclining in that direction? 

And finally, for every iconoclast, or rebel with a cause, does Alice, taking a look at her own life journey, have suggestions of how to take that passion and ignite it into something that enrolls others and can make a meaningful difference?

Our Speaker: Alice Feiring

From a student of dance therapy and a fiction author, and for several years a columnist in wine and travel, Alice has become the most acknowledged champion for what has been called “natural wine.”

She has written for The New York Times, New York Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, La Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Forbes Traveler and many others. Her blog, “The Feiring Line” is the standard setter for the genre, and one of the most highly regarded online resources for wine lovers. Mike Steinberger described her writing as part of a new wave, a “real flowering of high-quality wine journalism.”

In 2011, she won the Louis Roederer “Online Communicator of the Year” award in their International Wine Writer Awards.

She has written numerous, seminal books. Her first was provocatively titled: The Battle for Wine and Love: Or How I Saved the World from Parkerization. It was an anthem for authenticity and diversity in wine. 

A series of highly acclaimed, globally admired books have followed, the most recent being the simply wonderful Dirty Wine, co-written by our co-wine presenter for the evening, Master Sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier.

The Tasting: The Joys of Dirty Wine

Pascaline Lepeltier MS, well known and well loved to IB&WS will lead the tasting, with commentary from Alice

Our tasting will follow the three bedrock “families” – Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic. Two wines will be presented from each bedrock family. In each pairing, one will be slightly more “funky” or paradigm extending for some wine lovers, and the other more “classic” in style. We will also be guided to try to taste the soil differentiators as a way to gain insight into both the identity but also the distinctive appeal of these different wines.

Over dinner, we shall explore this philosophy as it manifests itself in the Loire, Burgundy, Graves in Bordeaux and potentially Alsace.

This will be a fascinating seasonal finale, as we enjoy marvelous wines, with two exceptional personalities in the world of wine: as distinctive, fascinating, original and engaging as the wines we will taste. 

The Dinner: Tom Colicchio’s Temple Court at The Beekman

We ran our Vieux Chateau Certan dinner here recently and found the quality of food wonderful, and the pairing with the wines, particularly compelling. The Executive Chef and team, some of them veterans of IB&WS dinners at Craft, will put together a truly exciting, original, wine romancing dinner, weaving their love of sourcing and produce with the classical whimsy Temple Court has established its reputation on.