Attendee Comments

What struck me as particularly different about this wine/business ‘club’ was the genuine camaraderie. Throughout the evening there was a real sense that members really enjoyed each others company and that it was deeper than just a mutual love of fine wine. Members seem to have gotten to know each other since joining, members seemed at ease and comfortable. There were no signs of one-upsmanship but more signs of integrity and an honest exchange, an ability to tease and disagree among each other in friendly banter. Overall, the ambience was disarming and inviting rather than intimidating as some wine clubs can be.

I think the culture of the club also has a lot to do with its founder Omar Khan, who naturally moves from business, to wine and cuisine, and who exudes warmth and a sense of inclusion. A people person with a big smile and a huge personality who has a unique ability to foster networking, making everyone feel welcome and important – as if it were just a group of friends having fun. Mary Gorman Wine Master and Educator


Thanks Lori. The events that I’ve attended—all of them—have been terrific and more than that. They are meticulously planned in every detail and the speakers have been uniformly excellent. You and Omar are doing a great job. Best, PG (Paul Gridley)


“I take part in a lot of wine events each year and the best-organized are always the International Business and Wine Society’s dinners- the wines are carefully selected, provenance is never an issue and the cuisine is always inspired and a pitch-perfect match for the lineup of wines. These are simply the best wine dinners!” John Gilman